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Active Server Pages


What is ASP?

Active Server Pages (ASP) is a powerful server-side scripting language initially designed for use on Microsoft Servers, and is embedded in HTML pages. The language is a little more complex than PHP, but is very similar in principle. It allows dynamic web pages to be created quickly and easily.

The ASP product provided on the Studio433 Virtual servers is iASP (Instant ASP).

Using ASP

After adding your script to your web page, you simply need to change the file name suffix from ".htm" or ".html" to ".asp". This causes the page to be processed as ASP, and the required output is then sent to the browser as HTML.

Testing ASP

Here is a simple sample script that demonstrates ASP:

<TITLE>Demonstration Page</TITLE>
dim ftsize, ftcolor
for ftsize = 1 to 7
<FONT SIZE = <%=ftsize%>> Isn't Studio433 wonderful?<BR>
<% next %>

That script is really simple, but getting to know ASP will reveal many poerful features.

Connecting to your MySQL database

As MySQL is ODBC-compliant you can upload, download and manipulate your data using your Windows 98/2000 desktop and Microsoft Access.

The basic command that you need to use in your ASP script is this:-

set con = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") 

Note - although it may seem a security risk to include your password in the page source, ASP only generates the resulting page as HTML and users cannot view the original source of the ASP.

Sources of information

There are many resources of good information about ASP. Here are a few that may be useful:

  • Instant ASP downloadable manuals, lots of help
  • Webmonkey tutorials and help
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