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DNS servers


Sometimes you cannot access a web site when others say it is working correctly. This article particularly refers to web sites referred to by a domain name that have recently moved from one server to another.

  1. The first thing to try is to refresh your browser cache. Your computer stores web sites you have viewed to speed up loading the enxt time you visit. Sometimes it will reload out-of-date information. See this web page for an explanation:  or do a web search for "refresh browser cache".
  2. If that doesn't solve the problem, you may have out of date DNS information stored on your computer, causing your web browser to be looking in the wrong place for thew web site. You need to "flush" your local DNS record - the Windows command is ipconfig /flushdns . For more details see this web page: or do a web search for "flush dns".
  3. Sometimes there are errors in the regularly updated DNS tables held by your ISP. These will normally self-resolve over time but some DNS servers are more reliable than others. Two free services we recommend that can be used as an alternative to that provided by your ISP are:
    Open DNS:
    Google Public DNS:
    The above IP addresses are current at the time of writing and are included here for convenience. It is unlikely they will change but check their web sites in case of problems. The sites also give details of how to set this up on your computer.


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